Managed IT Services

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    Managed IT Services

    Are you a small to midsized business (SMB) that simply does not have the resources to maintain an IT department? Or maybe you find you don't know much about IT and just need someone to take care of it for you? If you are struggling to keep up with changing technologies and infrastructure maintenance, it's time to consider another option. Hand over your technology to ADS, where we provide a worry-free IT solution.

    With over 30 years of building and deploying IT and business management solutions, the ADS team has the insight and expertise to manage your unique IT and infrastructure needs. Our approach goes beyond basic monitoring and remote support. Functioning as your IT department, ADS will manage, monitor and optimize your systems. In exchange, you will receive the peace of mind to focus on growing your business, as you know all your IT is being taken care of.

    ADS provides the resources, platforms and proven procedures for a 24/7 managed IT solutions - at a fraction of the cost of having an IT resource on staff. At the heart of ADS' managed IT service offering is iSupport, a proactive solution to protecting your Network servers and infrastructure from system failure and unforeseen errors. ADS Managed IT Services range from desktop and server support to remote monitoring and advice finding the best solution for your company. The best part is that to manage your entire IT department, you can pick and choose exactly what services your business needs and pay a standard monthly fee (PDF). With ADS Managed IT Services, you will benefit from:

    • Lower IT service costs and reduced down time
    • Secured business platform and competitive advantage
    • Confidence and peace of mind knowing your IT services are in trusted hands

    As your virtual IT department, ADS can guarantee that your business will be protected and supported. Stop worrying about technology and start focusing on growing your business. Whatever you need, ADS will help you get the most out of IT.

    Managed IT Services

    ADS Managed IT Services include:

    • iSupport
      Monitor, manage and maintain your network servers and infrastructure 24 hours, 7 days a week
    • Strategic IT Planning
      Whether your IT needs are as routine as a new server implementation or as complex as a full IT strategy for your firm, ADS will help you make the right investment in your IT infrastructure.
    • Risk Management
      ADS will work with your business to solve common issues such as developing a more effective annual IT budget or understanding the relevance of technologies and when you should adopt them.
    • Hardware Maintenance and Network Support Contracts
    • Disaster Recovery
    • Virus Protection
    • Data Restoration
    • Migration Planning and Consulting
      Moves, adds and changes
    • Website Development and Maintenance

    IT Consulting

    The foundation of technology in your workplace is the systems and software. ADS offers IT consulting to customize a technology solution that fits your business. As experts in the IT industry, ADS Consultants provide several internal IT services and technologies to help you optimize your business and operations. They also help simplify these important technologies so you understand how essential they are for the functionality of your business.

    Employee Services

    Let ADS work with your business to implement a network that allows all of your employee's readily accessible information and data to better serve your customers. By implanting one of the technologies that best fits your business, your entire organization can look up prices, access customer account information and order products.

    • LAN (local area network): connect the employees in an office together
    • WAN (wide area network): connect your branch offices to the company network
    • VPN (virtual private networking) - secure network through the Internet

    Internal Communications

    An intranet will let you provide your employees to valuable internal company information. If you want to give your employees access to company manuals or medical plan information, ADS will install an intranet in your business so this information is quickly and easily accessible.

    Internet Technologies

    Vendors, suppliers, customers and employees require Internet functionality so get your business up to speed with ADS. Here are some of the internet technologies ADS offers:

    • Company email with communications partner, Bell Aliant
    • Connection sharing
    • Web development


    ADS provides consulting services to secure your organization. Less than 10% of malicious computer incidents against a company are conducted from the outside, 68% are ex-employees and the rest are human error. Protect your information with services including:

    • Firewall: Keep intruders out of your network.
    • Network Administration: a customized system to ensure the right people have the right access

    To discover how ADS can help optimize your business, speak to one of our consultants at or click here.

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