Mar 14th 2013

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Web Chat with Calvin O'Driscoll - ERP Manager

Recorded Date: Mar 14th 2013

Sage Alerts & Workflow consists of Four (4) components:

-- Data Mining (Business Intelligence)
-- Alerts / Notification
-- Form, Document, & Report Distribution
-- Workflow

Clients use it to:

Monitor business data and . . .

Trigger Alerts   (page a technician)
Generate & Deliver Forms (send a client an invoice)
Trigger & Distribute Reports (send a forecast report to a manager)
Trigger Task Creation  (schedule a follow-up phone call)
Integrate Application Data (create an order from a closed sale)
Process Incoming Email  (create a support ticket)

Benefits of Sage Alerts and Workflows:

1. Communicate More Efficiently
2. Do Less Manual Work
3. See Problems Before They Happen

Consider This Scenario:

-  A customer who normally pays within 30 days
- They currently have $30K that is 45 days old, but
- ... you don't know it because you run your reports at month-end
- Today you ship out a $25K order to them
- At month-end you recognize the issue and discover the client is
  having serious cash flow problems . . .

Cost of not knowing?

1. Best case: Carrying $55K in A/R
2. Worst case: Writing off $55K when they close shop

Financial Conditions of Sage Alerts and Workflows

Sage Alerts & Workflow identifies Financial conditions such as . . .

- Overdue receivables (re-send invoice or dunning notice)
- Suppliers with perpetually late deliveries
- Terms discounts that are about to expire
- Inventory stock approaching re-order level
- Receipts against purchase order lines
- Orders with unapproved discounts
- Overstocks for products that need to be sold or written off
- Clients whose monthly sales dropped by at least 'x' percent (trend analysis)
- Clients put on / taken off credit hold
- Clients on credit hold who have open sales opportunities in a CRM system

Sage Alerts & Workflow identifies Sales (CRM) Business conditions such as . . .

- Opportunities that are overdue for closing or have not been followed-up on
- Client contracts that are due to expire
- Customers who have changed their buying habits
- Missing or erroneous data
- A client whose credit rating has changed
- Opportunities with unapproved discounts
- Sales reps who are "rolling over" their activities from one day to the next
- Leads that come in from your website or from an email campaign
- New or updated sales literature
- Time-sensitive pricing or promotions
- Remote sales reps who have not synched in over 'x' hours

Triggered Data Updates

Sage Alerts & Workflow can auto-update your applications, such as . . .

- Creating a scheduled follow-up call after an order is placed
- Copying order details from an ERP system to a CRM system
- Updating the status of an "approved" request
- Re-assigning a project that has reached a certain stage
- Updating a client's history with the details of an overdue invoice
- Exporting financial data to a spreadsheet, Access database, or external file
- Updating a client's records with the details of a received email message
- Creating a new client record based on a web inquiry or order
- Auto-placing a client "On Hold" based on overdue receivables
- Synchronizing data between multiple applications

The Full Process:
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