Sage 300 ERP Credit Card Processing

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Web Chat with Calvin O'Driscoll - ERP Manager

Recorded Date: May 9th 2013

Sage 300 ERP Credit Card Processing Powered by Sage Payment Solutions

Powerful Payment Processing with Sage 300 Available for Sage 300 ERP versions 5.6, 6.0 & 2012


  • Overview of Payment Processing
  • Features and Benefits of Payment Processing
  • Entering various credit card related transactions and capturing payments in Sage 300 ERP
  • Day End Procedures

What is Sage Exchange?

A payments platform that facilitates:

  • Integration of data between Sage 300 ERP and payment solutions
  • Value added services which can be deployed through advanced devices, online SaaS applications and API's.

Powerful Payment Functionality

  • Take credit cards as payments on open invoices or as deposits on sales orders
  • Swipe credit cards when the credit card is present
  • Refund credit card transactions during the returns process
  • Perform reconciliation of credit card transactions between the processor and the company
  • Store multiple cards per company and identify the default card to use

Sage Exchange Vault

  • Secure, compliant storage of sensitive credit card info
  • Credit card information is NOT stored onsite or in Sage 300; this information is kept in a secure Sage Payment Solutions vault
  • Bank routing numbers and account numbers also stored for ACH

Payment Processing Module Enhancements in Sage 300 ERP v2012

  • Capture pre-authorizations at the time of shipping or invoicing
  • Batch capture and invoice credit card transactions
  • Usability enhancements including the ability to default cardholder address
  • Automatically 'force' an expired pre-authorization

Capture pre-authorizations at the time of Invoice or Shipment

Sage 300 ERP allows credit card pre-authorizations to be processed during sales order entry and captured when goods are shipped or services rendered. As part of the process, Sage Exchange will send the preauthorization through the credit card network to verify that the customer has an open credit balance to satisfy the amount of the pending purchase, and then reserves the pre-authorized amount for that invoice. It will also automatically 'force' an expired preauthorization. Many companies prefer to have the capture functionality performed by accounting personnel rather than warehouse personnel so Sage 300 will provide an option to capture at the time of shipment or at time of invoice. This new option will provide the ability to customize systems to workflow that works best for the company.

Capture multiple orders from different customer in a batch and capture payments at time of invoicing

  • After a quick review, the accounts receivable clerk can select the "Capture and Invoice" button, which automatically captures the preauthorized amounts on all of the selected preauthorized transactions, and subsequently creates an invoice for all of the orders simultaneously. In addition, the A/R Receipt batch is created with receipt entries for all the transactions that have been captured and invoiced. Capture Payments with Invoice also has filtering capabilities in the event you want to process smaller groupings of shipped transactions.
  • Improve efficiency with the new "Capture Payments with Invoice" by changing the workflow so that fulfillment of pre-authorized orders can be done in tandem with warehouse personnel creating and posting shipments without capturing the funds. Once shipments are posted, accounts receivable personnel can either create an individual invoice while capturing funds, or access the "Capture Payments with Invoice" option. "Capture Payments with Invoice" will display all shipped orders containing a preauthorization.
  • After a quick review, the accounts receivable clerk can select the "Capture and Invoice" button, which automatically captures pre-authorized amounts on all selected pre-authorized transactions, and subsequently creates an invoice for those orders. In addition, the A/R Receipt batch is created with receipt entries for all transactions that have been captured and invoiced. "Capture Payments with Invoice" also has filtering capabilities for processing smaller groupings of shipped transactions.

Default Cardholder Address

To confirm the identity of the cardholder, security measures require billing address entry in addition to credit card information, allowing Sage Payment Solutions to validate the address. In order to reduce data entry, a new checkbox has been added to the locations in Sage 300 ERP where the cardholder's address is entered, automatically copying the customer address into the billing address fields. If the city and state/province are the same as the customer address, check the box to fill in the address, and simply edit the differences, streamlining data entry and reducing the potential for error.

Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS)

  • Security controls and processes to keep payment card data safe from exploitation
  • Compliance mandatory for any organization that accepts payment cards
  • When you accept payment cards, a complex system of devices, software, networks, service providers and the card acquirer is required to process the payment and get the money.  Each element of the payment card technology system poses risks that could be exploited by criminals, so it's import to use appropriate security controls and business procedures to minimize risk and protect cardholder data.
  • As shown in the diagram, the front-line interaction is between the cardholder and the merchant.  The merchant interacts with a back-end system comprised of the bank servicing their business, any of five payment card brand networks and the card issuers.
  • As a merchant, you can't control the entire process so PCI limits the scope of your responsibility.
  • Use a payment provider that supports end-to-end encryption technology -- End-to-end encryption (E2EE) starts with your payment capture devices, and goes all the way to the transaction being authorized. E2EE prevents the card account data from being stolen electronically and lessens the cost and impact for your business to become PCI-certified.
  • Remember, compliance with PCI is mandated by payment card brands such as American Express, MasterCard and Visa for any merchant or other organization that accepts payment cards.

Settlement: Sage Payment Solutions

Very important as it moves the money from the card holder's account to your account!

  • The SPS Gateway performs real time processes electronically on line
  • My Virtual Terminal

Manually settle each batch or turn on automatic batch settlement closing

  • User-level password protection reduces the possibility of unauthorized access into database content and functions

Sage Payment Solutions

Credit Card Processing is offered as a Service, providing a comprehensive end to end solution

  • 24/7 online management and reporting of your credit card transactions, including historical data in a web based format:
    • My Virtual Terminal
    • My Virtual Reports
    • Virtual checks
  • Provides Credit Card authorization and settlement via Sage Payment Solutions Gateway
  • Provides expedited funding to your business - receive the gross deposit within 48 business hours automatically into your merchant account

Sage Card processing is a complete credit card processing solution for retail, Business-to-Business and internet transactions.

Everything needed to process cards is included:

  • Strict Adherence to PCI (Payment Card Industry) data standards which provide secure and rapid payment authorization
  • Automatically connect to financial networks for credit card authorizations and settlements
  • Customizable reporting capabilities
  • Merchant account origination & underwriting
  • Dedicated customer service team
  • On line and Loss prevention specialists
  • Access to secure 24/7 online transaction reporting and statements
  • 24 hour real time support help desk

The Full Process:
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